City on a Hill Pt 1 – “Are You Ready To Be An Influencer” – Luke 24:44-53

We live in a world of influencers. Some get paid or given free products if they promote and influence their followers to buy a company’s product or click on their website. But we are talking about being a different kind of influencer. Are you ready to be an influencer for Jesus? Kayne West, who is one of our culture’s most influential influencers, recently became a follower of Jesus and put out an album called “Jesus is King.” We celebrate that Kayne is sold out for Jesus and is now using his influence in this world for Jesus. As we celebrate that, we must realize that we don’t have to have a hit record or be a celebrity to be an influencer. You can influence others for Jesus as you let Him influence and make an impact on your life. Check out the first part of “City On A Hill” to find out more.

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