• “Messy-Pt 1” Luke 22 Pastor Greg Howard

    We all can find ourselves getting into ‘messes’ in our lives both physically and spiritually. When it comes to the mess of sin, we must ask ourselves if we are changing or just taking advantage of grace? In this message, Pastor Greg shares how Jesus became a mess on the...

  • “Relationship Matters” John 15:5-8, Luke 21: 29-38 Pastor Greg Howard

    Do you ever feel like you are just “coasting” when it comes to your walk with Jesus? We know you will be encouraged and challenged if you check out Pastor Greg’s Sunday message about the importance of staying attached to the vine while building a closer relationship with Jesus.


    Join us to get some wisdom in Proverbs and then we will pray to our God who gives us that wisdom. Wednesdays in July beginning on July 10TH AT 7:14PM!  July 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st. Why 7:14pm?  Because of the verse in 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people, who...

  • “Peace in the Chaos” Pt. 2 John 14:27, Luke 21:12-28 Pastor Greg Howard

    In this second part of the “Peace in the Chaos” message, Pastor Greg finishes up Luke’s account of the Olivet discourse, and in the process encourages us on how we can have peace in the midst of our trials and chaos.

  • “Peace in the Chaos” Isaiah 9:6, Luke 21:5-11 Pastor Greg Howard

    We live in a world where we tend to war with our schedules, our time, other people, our worries, and more. It can feel like chaos in our lives when there is no peace. In this message from Luke, Pastor Greg shares how we can have peace in the chaos...

  • “Trusting God with Everything” Luke 21:1-4 Habakkuk 3:17-19

    Do you ever find it hard to trust God? Maybe you have been disappointed because of a job loss, relationship breakup, a health problem, or another trial. How can we trust God even though those tough times hit us? We know you be impacted by this message and the encouragement...

  • “The Perfect Father” 1 John 3 Pastor Greg Howard

    The God who created the universe loves us so much that He calls us His Children. In this Father’s day message, Pastor Greg shares why having a proper understanding and knowledge of God as our Father is so important.

  • Kid’s VBS CrossTours Experience June 24th-26th 6pm-9pm

    We hope your family will join us this summer for our Kids VBS CrossTours Experience, hosted by The Cross Church this summer June 24th-26th from 6pm-9pm at Highland Oaks Middle School. It’s FREE! So register your child below! REGISTER HERE: https://thecrossfl.wufoo.com/forms/z1pu4h00wku3xo/ WHO? Any boys and girls from 5- 12 years old....

  • Happy Father’s Day BBQ! Sunday, June 16th

    We are looking forward to honoring all of our Dads with a special Father’s Day BBQ on June 16th! So plan on joining us with the whole family for some great food and some friendly competition in the cafeteria after service on June 16th! It will be a time of...

  • “Letting Faith Conquer your Fears” Numbers 13-14 Pastor Greg Howard

    We have all faced Fear and anxiety in our lives that can blind us, bind us and block us from what God has for us. In this message, Pastor Greg shares how we can walk in faith like Caleb and Joshua when we face those fears and anxieties of life