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21 Days of Prayer Begins today, Thursday, January 23rd
Day 1
Let’s pray for a Spiritual Awakening
God’s Word for Today
Read Acts 19:18-20 (or the larger passage Acts 19:1-20)
Thoughts for Today
A spiritual awakening is a time when many people are changed by coming to faith in Christ. The result of such a harvest is the culture and the society are radically transformed. Paul’s preaching and demonstration of the power of the gospel in Ephesus led to major change in many people’s lives. In the last part of Acts 19, a riot broke out. The silversmiths were angry because
so many people were turning to Christ that their business of making and selling false gods was suffering. That’s spiritual awakening.
In the 1970’s and 1980’s, Angola Prison in Louisiana was known as the bloodiest prison in America. Most of those sentenced to Angola would die at Angola. The hopelessness of the prisoners led to unbridled violence. In 1995, Warden Burl Cain realized the only lasting change would have to be a moral reformation that starts in the heart. Prisoners came to Christ and began to share their faith with others. A program for training in Christian ministry was established inside the walls. Men began to grow spiritually and gain victory over sinful behaviors. They began to reflect Christlikeness in their actions and behaviors. They shared this good news and hope and new life began to spread. Today Angola may be one of the safest and most peaceful prisons in the nation. When Hurricane Katrina forced 2,000 New Orleans inmates to Angola, officials were afraid of riots. So they called in the prisoners trained in Christian ministry. Within 24-hours, peace had come and perhaps 200 had placed their faith in Christ. Wardens at other prisons requested that they transfer these prisoners turned Christian ministers to spread the change
to their prison. This is spiritual awakening. Do you believe that the God who transformed Angola can transform our community? That’s what we are fasting and praying for in the next 21 days.
It’s Time to Pray
1. Pray that God will increase your faith to believe that the change He can bring to an Ephesus in Paul’s day and to an Angola in our day will begin to transform your community as people come to faith in Christ.
2. Ask God what He wants you to do over the course of the next three weeks to apply what He has revealed. What actions will you take?
Want to fast during our 21 days of prayer?
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